Fees and Payment


There is a fee for each antenatal visit and your six-week post-natal visit. If you have Medicare you will be eligible for a rebate. We ask that you pay a Management of Pregnancy fee at the first antenatal visit after 28 weeks gestation and this covers costs that are not directly related to your delivery. If you have a health fund, then after you have your baby, we will bill the health fund directly for your delivery fee. Your health fund will pay the hospital for your hospital admission which includes delivery suite fees, any theatre fees, midwifery care, physiotherapy, and hearing and heel prick tests for baby. You may have a small charge from the hospital for extra meals and pharmacy items.

Costs may include any excess that you have to pay on hospital admission and the hospital will collect this. If you have an epidural or require an anaesthetic, the anaesthetist will bill you separately. Some of the anaesthetists will accept what the health fund pays them, but with some anaesthetists there may be an out of pocket cost. Your baby has to be admitted to hospital under a paediatrician. The paediatrician will see baby in hospital and arrange a follow-up visit at six weeks postpartum. The paediatrician is a separate cost and most of the in-hospital care of baby will be covered by your health fund, while the postnatal visit in rooms will be eligible for Medicare rebate.

If your care is not covered by private health fund, then you will need to negotiate a package with the Mater Mother’s accounts department for your hospital stay. You will be asked to pay your Delivery Fee at an antenatal visit prior to your delivery (around 30-32 weeks gestation). The paediatrician will send you an account for baby’s care in hospital and the anaesthetist will bill you if you require their services. If you have Medicare, you will be eligible for rebates for delivery, anaesthetic and paediatric care.

If you have an international health fund without Medicare, then you may need to pay the hospital for delivery and your stay in hospital prior to admission. You will also be required to pay for specialist obstetric care (prior to delivery), anaesthetic care (prior to a planned caesarean section or after an epidural) and paediatric care. After delivery you will be able to present a claim to your international health fund.

Medicare Safety Net Scheme

If you are eligible for Medicare, then Medicare will keep a record or your out-of-hospital, out-of-pocket health care costs. If this expenditure passes a certain threshold, based on your income, within a calendar year from January to December, then you will receive more back from Medicare for additional expenditure. This has the effect of lowering your out-of-pocket costs overall. Couples and families need to register with Medicare for family thresholds to apply.

Management of Pregnancy Fee

The Management of Pregnancy fee is a Medicare Item that was introduced by the Australian Federal Government to acknowledge the additional costs incurred by Obstetricians when managing a pregnancy when delivery is planned to occur in a private hospital. This fee helps to cover the cost of compulsory medical indemnity insurance.

Management of pregnancy includes answering queries from patients outside of consultations, provision of medical certificates and completion of claim forms, keeping up-to date clinical records and forwarding them to the hospital or other health professionals as required, referral to and correspondence with other health professionals, and maintaining and participating in an on call roster of qualified Obstetricians after hours to provide immediate care antenatally and during birth  24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Payment Methods

Payment is required on the day of consultation.

We accept the following Payment Methods:

  • Cash.
  • Cheque.
  • Credit Card – including VISA, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), Diners Club.