Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital

Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital (for private patients) is co-located with Mater Mothers’ Hospital (for public patients) in Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane. Mater Mothers’ Hospital is built over the Mater Adult Hospital Emergency Department which is Level 4 of that hospital.

The main entrance ramp to Mater Mothers’ Hospital enters on Level 5. On this level is the main Reception and a café. There is also the Pregnancy Assessment Centre and Delivery Suite which are for both private and public patients. On Level 6 is the Neonatal Nursery. Level 7 has the Maternal Fetal Medicine Ultrasound department and the public Antenatal Clinic. Public inpatients are accommodated on Levels 8 and 9. Private patients admitted antenatally or in early labour are accommodated on Level 10. Levels 11 and 12 accommodate private postnatal patients.

MMPH provides state of the art maternity care in a comfortable environment. For private patients, care is provided by midwives and hands-on involvement by experienced consultant obstetricians and experienced consultant anaesthetists for mother and experienced consultant paediatricians for baby.

Public patients have care provided by midwives and junior doctors for mother and baby. If there are concerns, a training registrar in obstetrics will become involved. A training registrar in anaesthetics will provide care as needed. Baby may need to be seen by a training registrar in paediatrics / neonatology if there are concerns. Management is only escalated to a consultant obstetrician, consultant anaesthetist or consultant paediatrician if the training registrar requires assistance to provide care.

Private patients are accommodated in a single room with its own bathroom and toilet. There is a day bed in the room for use of a partner or support person. Meals can be ordered off a menu for a time that suits.

Private Health funds will pay for patients to stay till Day 4 after a vaginal delivery or Day 5 after a caesarean delivery. If baby is born before midday, this will count as Day 1 but if birth is after midday, the next day will be Day 1. For example, if baby Is born by vaginal delivery on a Monday morning before noon, then it would be Day 4 to go home on Thursday. If baby is born on Monday after midday by caesarean section, then it would be Day 5 to go home on Saturday. For private patients without a Private Health Fund, packages for certain lengths of stay can be negotiated with Mater Accounts and a refund obtained if patients are able to leave earlier.

Pregnancy Assessment Centre at the Mater Mothers’ Hospitals provides outpatient care for women from early diagnosis of pregnancy to six weeks postpartum, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Private patients booked to deliver at MMPH can access Pregnancy Assessment Centre for no additional charge.

As Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital is co-located with a tertiary level public hospital, there is access to the highest level of expertise. If an anomaly is found in your baby’s routine ultrasound, then the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit can provide follow-up scanning and a management plan that is best for baby. There is immediate access in the same hospital to a Neonatal Care Unit for pre-term infants or those requiring some medical support after birth. Sometimes if a baby is born at a smaller private hospital and needs transfer to a neonatal critical care nursery, then there may be some separation of mother and baby before the mother is transferred as well. Postpartum private patients can access the Parenting Support Service including Lactation Consultants based at Mater Mothers’ Hospital.

A tour of the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital is included in Antenatal Classes or a tour can be arranged through the booking office on 07 3163 8847.